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Its predecessor was founded in 1974, shangyu air blower factory, through the development of more than 40 years, merger, acquisition and reorganization in 2013 civil areas leading shangyu dedicated fan fan industry co., LTD., after 3 years of business restructuring, integration, resource optimization, was founded in 2015 changed its name to zhejiang wind tech center designed wind industrial co., LTD., under the big platform support of listed companies, is committed to build a respected and trusted leading domestic high-end equipment manufacturers and integrated services.

Company has the upper hand, wind two brands, the main research and development, production, marketing all types of axial, centrifugal fan, cabinet fan, oblique flow, mixed flow fans, subway tunnel fan, blower, single stage high speed blower, magnetic levitation multistage centrifugal blower, cooling tower fan, modular air conditioning box, fresh air units, fan coil units, air conditioning box, all kinds of cooling tower and related supporting tuyere, wind valve, exhaust valve, fire dampers, electric cabinet, all kinds of impedance muffler, muffler, acoustic enclosures, industrial noise barrier, hvac system integration and the deepening of muffler design, energy-saving fan and system transformation, the by-product heat pressure power generation system integration, the fan and the whole life cycle of equipment management system integration, Marine winch, crane, windlass and other high-tech products. Company registered capital of 100 million yuan, covers an area of more than 10 square meters, existing staff 600 people, with complete production equipment, advanced technological process, perfect testing means.

Company after merger, acquisition and reorganization, in the research and development capabilities, production capacity, management will be further enhance ability, marketing ability, and become the fan industry the only company in the field of nuclear power, rail transportation, civil three niche market share far ahead in the field of enterprise, at the same time vigorously into the field of environmental protection, Marine, military fields, etc.


In the field of nuclear power, the company is the first step in nuclear power manufacturers in the field of ventilation, was among the first to achieve nuclear security of nuclear grade fan design and manufacturing license issued by the enterprise, one of the rich experience of nuclear power ventilation system of the equipment supply. Company independent research and development "of nuclear generation" to "three generations" nuclear critical ventilation equipment, the outstanding contribution for our country nuclear localization, the successful development of the domestic first sets CAP1400 control rod drive mechanism of cooling fan, "hualong" number one sets CAM system fan, fan CAV system, the VCL system, air conditioning and other important products, successfully won the bid for the third generation of nuclear power technology research and development manufacturing countries nuclear station CAP1400 demonstration project of unit no. 1 and no. 2, the winning the independent research and development of the third generation of nuclear "hualong" number one fan and air conditioning project, CGNPC "hualong" number one fan, etc. So far, the company undertake nuclear engineering at home and abroad supporting more than 45, ancillary products such as the qinshan nuclear power, ling ao nuclear power, fuqing nuclear power, hainan ChangJiang nuclear power, taishan nuclear power, sanmen nuclear power, tianwan nuclear power station, fangchenggang nuclear power, such as Pakistan chashma nuclear power plant at home and abroad.


The corporate governance concept

Vision: to build a respected and trusted leading domestic high-end equipment manufacturers and integrated services.